Tasmanian Fungi

Tasmanian Fungi

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Fungi links


International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants

International Society for Fungal Conservation

Index Fungorum

Species Fungorum

The Australasian Mycological Society

Queensland Mycological Society  

The Sydney Fungal Studies Group Inc.

Fungi Group | FNCV - Field Naturalists Club of Victoria

University of Adelaide - Mycology Online

Perth Urban Bushland Fungi Project 

Tas Field Naturalists Hobart Fungal Studies Group




Tasmanian & Australiasian Fungi Sites

Dr Genevieve Gates UTAS Fungi Page

Entolomataceae of Tasmania

Hobart Fungal Studies Group - Tas Field Naturalists

Australian Fungi - Australian National Botanic Gardens

Australian Biological Resources Study - Fungi

TasFungi on Facebook

Huon Valley Fungi Club on Facebook

Tasmanian fungi: mushrooms and toadstools on the Blue Tier - photos and identification

Blueswami - Tasmanian Fungi

Heather Elson Tasmanian Fungi Photography

Perogord Truffles of Tasmania


Fungi of south-eastern Australia

Census of SA Plants, Algae and Fungi

Field Naturalists Society of South Australia

South Australian Fungi-FACEBOOK

Fungi conservation Research - Western Australia

Australian Fungi - A Blog

ICTAR - Antarctic Fungi

The Hidden Forest - NZ FUNGI

New Zealand Fungi - Landcare Research

Fungal Network of New Zealand



Fungi Identification and keys


Basics to Microscopy by Diana Leeman

Fungi Online: An Introduction to the Biology of Fungi - Characteristics of Fungi

Identify Mushrooms - A Wild Mushroom Photo Index by Family, Genus, and Species


Provisional Key to the Entolomataceae of Tasmania

Interactive tools for identifying fungi

Pronouncing Names of Fungi (A-I) - SCMS

PolyPeet | Taxonomy and Evolution of the Polyporales (Basidiomycota, Fungi)

MykoWeb -- Fungus Photos

The Mycology.Net


Bill Leithhead Fungi Pages

Tom Volk's Fungi, including mushrooms, mushroom, mycology, molds, morels, fungus of the month

Welcome to Fungal Biology


Mycokey Mycelium Blogspot

Fungi Britain UK, Europe: mushrooms, toadstools identification scientific names

1000 Fungal Genomes Project | Sequencing unsampled fungal diversity

Cornell Mushroom Blog



Mushroom Cultivation

FOREST FUNGI - Fungi Cultivation help and supplies, Cygnet, TAsmania.

MykoWeb: Getting Started with Mushroom Cultivation

Low Cost / Low Tech Methods to Grow Mushroom - Aloha Medicinals Mushroom Culture Bank



Mycorrhizal fungi

INVAM - International Culture Collection of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi

Working with mycorrhizas in forestry and agriculture | ACIAR

Mycorrhiza - Australian National Botanic Gardens



Surveying Fungi

How to Survey Fungi



Photographing Fungi

How to Photograph Fungi 




Turkey tail toxin treatment (toxin-ectomy forum at permies)

Wild edible fungi a global overview of their use and importance to people

Psychedelic Fungi and Its Impact on Art


Make a Ganoderma Extract

Mycopigments | Exploration of Mushroom Dyes and Watercolors

Dyes on Deck- Mushrooms for Colour