Free Downloadables

Online version of Introduction to fungi (3rd ed.) Cambridge Press

Fungi in Australia Revision 2.2

This freely downloadable e-book (PDF format), which consists of 7 parts, is intended to serve as a resource to assist in the identification of some fungi that may be encountered in our native forests. It contains 380 species and over 2000 photographs of fungi, plus references for further study. All books have an interactive "Table of Contents" and "Index" for ease of navigation.

A little book of Corals by Pat and Ed Grey

A Guide to Common fungi of Hunter Central Rivers Region NSW

A Little Field Guide to West Brisbane Fungi

Perth fungi forever (Bougher, N.L. 2007)- article in Landscope 2007

'Common Fungi of the Perth Region poster 

Free Stinkhorn Poster (QMS) 

Freakishly Frightening Fungi From Tasmania

Flora, fauna and fungi poster

Fascinating Fungal Facts Poster

Collecting and preserving fungi - Free downloadable manual

Guide to Surveying Fungi in Australia - Free downloadable manual


Climate Change and Brisbane Macrofungi


fungi desktop background

Fantastic fantasy fungi desktop background!


Wouldn't you love to stumble upon this scene!

This FREE desktop background  created by Charlie Price, features an amazing selection of colourful and intriguing fungi found in Tasmania.


If you would like to use this as your desktop background, it is available for your personal use only. For any commercial use, permission MUST be sought. Please contact us if you wish to use this commercially and we will put you in contact with the creator.


Right-click on the image and select set as Desktop Background or Save as onto your device


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Download the .doc file, open it and then right-click on the image and save the image onto your device from there.