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About TasFungi

Tasmanian Fungi is an online resource for sharing information on the identification, ecology and taxonomy of fungi (more specifically Tasmanian fungi), including Slime moulds (Myxomycota), and on the application of this knowledge for the cultivation, remediation, medicinal and other roles they play in our culture.

This website aims to link the general public and citizen scientists, with qualified mycologists. Sharing this information between these groups is invaluable to increasing the current knowledge of our ecosystems, perhaps the key to sustaining the astounding variety of life of which we are a part.


If you are needing a fungus identified, you can use the IDENTIFY IT page , or visit the TASFUNGI Facebook Group where members are encouraged to post photographs, particularly of local Tasmanian species for identification, as many species of Australian fungi are thought to be yet unknown to science, or Contact US.

For information on poisonous mushrooms please contact: Poisons Information Centre - 24 hour Telephone Advice Line on 131 126

Who is TasFungi?

Dr Genevieve Gates is a mycologist with the University of Tasmania (UTAS). She has spent 15 years studying fungi and is co-author of the book

A Field Guide To Tasmanian Fungi and The Entolomataceae of Tasmania. Genevieve co-founded the Tasfungi facebook group and is the subject matter expert for this website and the Tasfungi Facebook page and group. See what she does at: http://www.utas.edu.au/tasmanian-fungi/home

Heather Elson's interest in photographing and learning about fungi started in 2006 whilst she was working with renowned nature photographer Steve Parish. After moving to Tasmania, she completed her degree in Environmental Science and began helping to raise awareness of fungi within the broader community. Heather writes the occasional fungi articles along with organising annual fungi events. She created the Huon Valley Fungi Club and co-founded the TasFungi Group with Genevieve on Facebook. Heather's latest projects can be found here: http://www.heatherelson.com.au

Charlie Price  lives in Tasmania and has a constant thirst to learn more about our delicate ecosystem and how it all works. Charlies explores the Tasmanian forests any spare time she can muster. She's an amateur fanatic photographer with a macro lens and a passion for contributing as a citizen scientist as much as she can by exploring, photographing and documenting each find. She helps admin the “Tasmanian Fungi Facebook” page, a role she cherishes in helping others learn about the fascinating organisms, offering assistance on the more common species members find and ensuring the group guidelines are upheld. Her favourite role is using the member's contributions (photos) to create weekly featured fungi group banners with relevant information, for everyone to learn and admire.